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Mentorship Program

Rylow Group have a local on-the-ground presence in the Rockhampton region that engage with retrenched employees and other job seekers to develop tailored training initiatives to increase job opportunities. Our company can be engaged to facilitate government initiatives but can also be engaged by corporate organisations to increase their skilled workforce with our ready to work participants.

What is the program?

Rylow Group's mentor program is based on the successful transition of unemployed workers into their new work environment. Working with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous retrenched workers and other job seekers to assist in connecting them with specific training, job opportunities and other existing support networks.

How does it work?

Rylow Group is engaged by the employer to build a strong relationship with the employer/supervisor and the employee. The relationship is built on a foundation of trust and inclusiveness. This relationship allows the mentor to address any issues or concerns in a professional manner ensuring long term careers and the transition into the new workplace. By working with a Rylow Group employment mentor, Rylow Group and your organisation will work together to ensure that successful long-term employment outcomes are delivered.

How does the mentor help?

Rylow Group will provide a workplace mentor who has experienced a similar working path to the candidates. This knowledge can assist individuals on how to identify any challenges in their new role. The mentor can also help individuals to identify difficulties they may experience from the job position. Mentors will assist with developing strategies to focus on issues in advance and support their ongoing employment in the role. Mentors can have a significant and long-lasting impact on those they support. Rylow Group mentors provide a service that transfers knowledge targeting the personal and professional development and/or career and educational development of a person.

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