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What is an entry level mining job?

Standard 11 Rockhampton

Entry level mining jobs in Queensland – Part 1

What sort of entry-level mining jobs are available in Queensland and what do they require? How do I get one?

Have you heard there are hundreds of well-paid mining jobs available in Queensland and many of them don’t even require any experience?

What is an entry-level mining job?

Job hunters hear the term “entry-level mining job” and interpret it in sometimes the incorrect way.

The term generally refers to a position that does not require previous work history within the mining industry but does require an applicant to have transferrable skills.

These skills vary according to the tasks linked with that job. A perfect example would be a Trade Assistant position might need somebody who comes from a background with labouring experience that has the capacity to use hand tools up to physically demanding tasks, while an entry-level Dump Truck Operator position may require somebody that has heavy machinery experience.

These skills give the hiring company some comfort that the employee will come into the role with a good understanding of the work environment, duties, safety processes and hours related to the role.

Are there entry-level opportunities in Queensland now?

There has been an increase in entry-level positions available for jobseekers, particularly in the last 6 months.

The resources sector in Queensland is experiencing a mini boom with projects been given a green light and more to come on board. Most mining companies will see value in employing both entry-level applicants and the traineeship type roles to ensure they can fulfill and train the next generation of mine workers.


What types of entry-level mining jobs are there and what would the job description be?

There are entry-level roles at all stages of both civil, construction production and mining processing. Below are some of the roles that generally exist in the industry in Queensland.

Trade Assistant/Labourer

Generally working alongside tradesmen including Mechanics, Electricians and Boilermakers. Applicants with strong mechanical and hand tool aptitude are perfectly suited to these roles. They can be also based in a workshop environment; these roles have varying duties.

Cleaner/Utilities Worker

This role illustrates all of the duties related with running and maintaining the shared spaces on a mine site including the kitchens/crib rooms, toilets, offices, accommodation facilities and gardens.

Site Administrator

This person sometimes works in a receptionist type role, but primarily works through the site-access procedures for all personnel attending the site for visitor or work purposes.

Driller’s Offsider

A driller’s offsider helps to move, set up and run the drill rig and secondary equipment to drill holes for mineral exploration. It can include collecting and moving samples. This role is physically challenging and can be quite remote at times.

Storeperson/Warehouse Assistant

Previous warehouse knowledge can certainly be transitioned into mining so long as the candidate has well developed literacy, numeracy, and computer skills. Like most warehouses, a mine site will contain a significant volume of parts, products and equipment that is continuously coming and going to keep track of.

Production/Civil Machine Operator

Most sites require previous experience in a heavy piece of plant before entering one of these roles. However, mine site does put on traineeships with no experience to be mentored into the role. General production of material, depending on size and type of machine civil earthworks, and some roles might be storing of waste (dirt and water, that has had the mineral removed from it) from process plants.


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