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Employment Facilitation Solutions

Rylow Group have a local on-the-ground presence in the Rockhampton region that engage with retrenched employees and other job seekers to develop tailored training initiatives to increase job opportunities and job readiness. Our company can be engaged to facilitate government initiatives but can also be engaged by corporate organisations to increase their skilled workforce with our ready to work participants. Rylow Group can provide a range of services including:


Working with retrenched workers and other job seekers to assist in connecting them with specific training, job opportunities and other existing support networks.


Partnering with jobactive providers, group training organisations and education providers to expand the support for retrenched workers and job seekers.


Facilitating the connection between employers and employees in our region to improve opportunities for retrenched workers and other job seekers.


Improving employment opportunities for the local community – including people who wish to enter the workforce, change jobs, upskill and for those who are unemployed.

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